Multi-personality disorder

by Low Yee Lin March. 17, 2010 4501 views

After 2 years, I met Eugene again.
And again, he never let me down.
I love it, again. =)

*Whatever is your personality, you just hold your head high.*

After I had finished my SPM in 2008, I got my hair perming two days later.
Despite all the feminine waves and curls, I picked the kind of ‘oh-so-attention-grabbing’ style. “Not I say one har, is Zun who said that!” I still dono what exactly its name till today, so let’s call it bali perm.
Yea, it suits me best, who always wanted to be prominent and high-profile. *grin* The moment my hair was done and I looked at the reflection on the mirror, I couldn’t help myself to fall in love with it! Owh, it just so ME~!
It’s already almost half and a year I perm my hair and they accompanied me thro’ all the fun things: working different jobs, traveled to many places, began my lower six form and my 18th birthday! Throughout the times, people's curiosity on why i did this to my hair and questions like “do you regret?” or “any adverse effect to your hair?” had become a routine. Of course, admirable gaze and compliments from friends even strangers were present too.
Comments varied from people to people.
But what i only care bout that time was my enthusiasm was burning up, my life is so short, I am so young, and my metabolism rate is so fast, i really DO not have too much time to worry too much matters.
Reckon that's the thing in my bones which is different from yours. =P

I didn't make a second thoughts when the barber granted me that my hair is long enough to be cut.
The one who hesitated, however, is the one who hold the scissors.
“Are you mentally prepared ‘cuz the new looking goin’ to be the kind of drastic from your original style.”

“Just cut it.”

i think i gotta pierce more earholes NOW.

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