Such a Breeze.

by Low Yee Lin April. 30, 2010 4677 views

Uneasiness overwhelmed me.

This time I attribute it to my recent declining productivity. Less time on studies, too much on entertainment. Then here we go the “sense of guilt”.
The feeling was even worse and aggravated when you couldn't make head or tail of what's going on in the class as if all the teachers were speaking Greek. (triple K's period is killing me!) Man~ I'm gonna die in the coming mid-term!
Cannot go on like this anymore lah…

Can somebody come and gimme a good fucking slap and tell me how should i live?
I'm sick of seeking incentive targets all this while just to make myself keep going on. Laugh if you want to, I get tired too, of living directionless life. How paradox.

I reckon I should discard the idea of blogging about that.
Even me myself can't stand of having those dirty thoughts in my dirty head. Omg, since when I have become so bitchy? Though i know i already one.
I feel like a failure when I realised that i had almost forgotten your 'unique'. How can i forget that so easily as though it is just a little gossip i heard from someone else. Thank goodness you found a girl now, who won't give up so easily as i do.

一直 放空自己?

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