The flying balloon night.

by Low Yee Lin June. 27, 2010 3661 views

Not only Korea fever (Cindy and Jojo are going to singapore and see 2AM!! Omg, I wish i could go! Jokwon!!! T.T), but FIFA fever is attacking too!
I never thought I would be that tremendously captured by 2010 World Cup. But after watching Portugal embarassed Korea DPR by winning over 7-0, how World Champions Italy was beaten by Slovakia (so far the most spectacular game to me!) , a 0-0 draw for Portugal and Brazil which produced seven yellow cards in half-hour, I must say i'm died serious now. Though yesterday the failure of South Korea by Uruguay kinda makes me sad lah… All they need is better luck for 2014. Never mind, we still have Japan!! GoGoGo Japan!!
Tonight England vs Germany is one of the must-watch games in FIFA World Cup 2010!
I'm ready!!!

Weiloo accidentally unloosened the helium balloon that i gave sinwan from her grip. We watched the silver blue floating away to the dark night, helplessly.
I saw the dissapointment from Sinwan's expression,
and the blaze of amazement in Jojo's eyes.
She kept telling me it was a bizarre day.

Hmm… I think so.

Sister finally decided to read 这些年,二哥哥很想你。To my hairan, she finished it within two days. CHIO~
I was leafing through few pages behind when she left the book on the table. Tears dropped down so fast I didn't even notice. Giddens' words just have the power.

Keisuke HONDA of Japan. Our hope!

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Drehtisch 10 years, 4 months ago

:)) , honda :D, btw great pic, great moment

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