Windsor Castle and Dinner at Patara (aka S&P) Thai Restaurant

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Windsor (and Eaton) is an hour's train ride from Waterloo station, London

All swans are property of the Queen, unless she has given permission to keep a flock. The Eaton School is allowed to keep swans as swans were considered to be a delicacy for feasts.

The Order of the Garter headquarters!

The changing of the various guards around the castle

The Eaton School Chapel across the Thames from Windsor castle

We final get rained on. Most of the time it rained while we were indoors and stopped when we were outside!

The blue mail kiosk commemorates the first airmail letter in England which was flown from Windsor to another regional airport. Unfortunately, the plane crashed and the letter never made it, but the event is commemorated none-the-less.

This is a three mile road which goes from Windsor castle to Ascot race track. The road boarders what is now called the big gardens but was originally the royal nature preserve used for hunting and closed to the “public”

The changing of the two guards at this entrance to the castle (three mile road)

Margaret was also our guide for Windsor as well as for the British Museum.

Back in London the bus taking us from the South Kensington Tube station to our flat passes Sydney place and Sydney street!

Walking to dinner. Patara is in our neighborhoold

Deciding what to order

Roast duck

Thai “pot roast” very delicious!

Chicken green curry

roast asparagus

Deciding on desert!

Mango and sweet rice!!!!!

Mango ice cream and a sweet pudding

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