Aaron Fielden's posts from July 2017

Kinda skipped the first half of work today. There's no real reprocutions, so I don't feel bad. Just means I'all get payed a little less Than usual.

Checked out the house I'll probably be living in for a while. It's really cute and in a really nice location. It's pretty exciting.

Another shop project. Trying to fix all the casters on the tables in the shop. Mighta poisoned myself cause of the burning powder coat.

One of my first major individual shop projects. Really fun, took all morning to complete. It isn't perfect, but it works real well.

Another picture of my gorgeous little boy. More cat pictures incoming, since all I do at home is watch videos with my cat.

We are officially more than half way done with 2017. Time always moves faster than I'd like. Here's a picture of my beautiful boy.

I was trying to take some decent self portraits when I got joined by a cat-sized lunch in the sheets. I guess I'll allow him to stay.

One of my favorite things about Berkeley is how alive it feels. It's green all over, covered in flowers and bushs and tree and life. What a nice place to grow…
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