Legend of the Seas (8-10 Jan 2011)

by Aaron January. 08, 2011 4919 views

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Some snapshots to share from my holiday trip on the ‘Legend of the Seas’ over last weekend.

#1 Viking Crown
Viking Crown is the name the disco that is at the top deck of the ship. The structure of the Viking Crown looks like the helmet of a gladiator. A grand design to behold at.

#2 Landscape view from the ship

#3 Reflections - Works In Progress
From the vantage point, we can have a clear view of this luxury development of Keppel bay.

#4 Cable Car Tower
From the ship, we have a good view of the cable cars. The cables were renovated a few years ago so that the ‘Legend of the Seas’ can docked in habourfront.

#5 Cable Lines
Wanted to use the cable lines to run through the frame

#6 Flags
The countries this ship has been to. Using reflection to make it more interesting..

#7 Ship Interior
Employing symmetry to shows the grand design

#8 Interesting placement in the library

#9 Guitar player
Using framing to highlight the subject. Btw his guitar skills are astounding.

#10 Romeo and Juliet
This is the main stairway in the Romeo and Juliet restaurant. I like the symmetry of the winding stairway.

#11 Mandatory Muster Drill
The hordes of passengers during the drill. It's an unpleasant experience.

#12 Looking out to the sea
One of the most enjoyable activities is just staring out at the sea. This is one of the sights I like when I saw the light shining thru the clouds and the reflection off the sea.
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#13 Layers in the sea scape
This is another scene I like. You can see the different layers of clouds and light. The shape of the mountains providing the background and this ship being the foreground.
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#14 Man on the sax
This guy looks cool with the sax. Using the 85mm to take a portrait of him. Btw, nice music too.

#15 Symmetrical Interior
Using symmetry again to capture the ship interior. With the people at the top looking down provides a good subject for the frame

#16 Viking Crown in the dark
Wanted to capture the the night scene on board the ship.

#17 The Viking Crown
Another perspective of the Viking Crown at night.

#18 Unique Angle
Finding a fresh angle to capture the unique shapes of the Viking Crown and the Ship's radar tower against the blue pre-sunrise sky.

#19 Cloudy Sunrise
The title says it all… Wish the sunrise could have been more majestic. However with the cloudy sky, we can see the orange sun rays piercing thru.
(click on the picture for better view)

#20 Relaxing by the pool
The pic says it all.

#21 Ready to serve!
The staff at their standby stations ready to serve the ever hungry passengers!

#22 Want some bread?

#23 Music by the pool
Having your lunch by the pool coupled with music from this Malaysian band. Shiok! They do song dedication too.

#24 Posing for the camera
Camera caught her attention. :-)

#25 CHOP!!
Chef busying chopping our lunch. BBQ ribs! Slurp!

#26 Food
What's a cruise without the long buffet lines!

#27 More food!
Going on cruise is just pure gluttony… need to hit the gym after this.

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Chweeleng 9 years, 9 months ago

Nice series! I like #13 and of course #20. Why not move closer for #24? :p

9 years, 9 months ago Edited
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