Sunset from Sentosa Broadwalk

by Aaron July. 26, 2011 5887 views

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Brought my family for a mini outing to the Sentosa Broadwalk last weekend and we witnessed a beautiful sunset while we were there. Thank God my S95 was with me. :-)

#1 Sunset from Sentosa Broadwalk
It's been a long time since i shoot landscape. But this time round, I don't have my D90 and my steady tripod. Boy am I surprised by the capability of this little fella…the Canon S95.

#2 Shiny Sunset
The skies is so beautiful, thus I deliberately compensate the exposure down to capture the details of the skies and leave the buildings as silhouettes. Here we can see the limitation of the S95 lens. If I were to have my 9 bladed aperture Nikkor lens, the sun will have more pointed lines than this 6 pointed sun. However I love the sun reflection off the waters here.

#3 Taking the scene in
The S95 may not give you the best image quality, but it certainly make up by its tiny size. I don't need to carry my large Tamrac bag and have the camera strap around my neck as i walk around. The S95 fits snuggling in my pocket with my iPhone! Also street photography is made easier, this man don't feel threatened at my small point and shoot. I dialed down the exposure compensation to have him as a silhouette.

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Adrien Chan 9 years, 9 months ago


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Mallusatish Reddy 9 years, 9 months ago

Beautiful pictures,very nice~!~

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Quintmiller 9 years, 9 months ago

Nice the second one!

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