Labrador Boardwalk

by Aaron February. 24, 2012 5352 views

The Labrador Boardwalk is the latest addition to Singapore's ever increasing parks and green spaces. Well Singaporeans needs pockets of green to space out from the dense urban jungles and our government knew that this is important for our sanity! Together with my wife, we have a great time exploring Labrador boardwalk with our small and trusty S95.

#1 Colours of the Sunset
I like the warm colours of the sunset. I especially like the light reflecting off the water ripples in this picture.

#2 Colours of the seas
The exposed sand dune caught my attention, and make me pause and set up my mini tripod. As I'm setting up the mini tripod, the light changes and reveal different layers of light being reflected off the sea. Great photo moment!

#3 Contrast of the rocks
I want to capture the green algae contrasting against the red bricks and brown rocks. Evidence of man's intervention in nature being forgotten over time.

#4 Blue
This is a popular bridge among Singaporean photo enthusiasts - Keppel Bridge. Managed to find a good spot in Keppel Island to capture this bridge against the blue twilight backdrop.

#5 Star burst path
My favourite picture thus far! It's amazing what you can get if you were to adopt a different perspective in setting up your shot.

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