Caversham Wildlife Park

by Abwicker March. 11, 2012 1104 views

G' Day!!

Yesterday we went to the Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth and spent the entire day admiring tropical parrots (literally SO beautiful), feeding the kangaroos, and visiting all sorts of native Australian animals. We also went to this sort of “farm show”–not at all impressive… I don't think they realized we're from the midwest, watching a cow get milked is not exactly new and exciting. Either way it was a craaazzy cool, fun day! How many people can say that they've actually seen a Kangaroo in real life or pet a Koala?!?

After returning to the P & O we all took a MUCH needed nap (it got up to 104 F!) then got ready to go out in Subiaco!! This was our first time going to a bar outside Freo and it was SOOOO much fun :) We went to Gold Bar which plays old school hip hop alllll night, I'm talking like Nelly's Air Force Ones and Get Low by Lil Jon. Needless to say Lara and I had a blast on the dance floor and never really left!

Now for a school update:
I've laid out my entire semesters worth of assignment and am a little stressed but am feeling better about being organized! I really am enjoying my Sociology tutorial because we have been discussing how different our lives might be if we had been born in another country, the opposite sex, different race, etc. Though it will definitely be my easiest class I love that it challenges me in a much different way than my biology courses do.

That's all for now.

Wombat!! This little chunk of love looks fat but is actually all muscle and can run 40 km an hour. CRRAAAZZZYYY

Check out the little Joey inside!! :D

Morgan, Ashley, (both from the Notre Dame in the U.S.), Lara, and I at Gold Bar

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