Monkeys, and Palm Readers, and Elephants OH MY!

by Abwicker April. 12, 2012 1237 views

As I said in my last post yesterday we spent the entire day shopping the markets again, and later decided to head out for some leisurely drinks. Well getting there wasn't so leisurely… Kaley, Katie, Gina, and I did not know exactly where Alley Cat (the bar) was but had a general idea, too bad we could not seem to find a single taxi driver who knew. At one point after being told they knew where it was we literally had to yell at our driver to let us out because he was heading in the complete opposite direction. Not the most pleasant experience but we did get there!! …ha about 25 minutes after the rest of our group. We enjoyed a couple of Bintangs (the local beer) but decided to head home early because of our excursions planned for the morning :):)

This morning we were picked up from our hotel around 9 a.m. and left for Ubud! On the way there we stopped at silver factory/shop that I couldn't decide if it was sad because I would never want to do that type of job or happy because it was a actually a really nice facility which provides a steady income to support their families.

Afterwards we arrived at the famous Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which is known for both their population of approximately 605 long-tailed macaques as well as their many temples. Why monkeys and temples? Because Balinese monkeys are believed to be capable of guarding temple sites against evil spirits. Anyways, we arrived at the sanctuary and were immediately, and I mean immediately surrounded by monkeys looking for banana. We were actually asked by the workers to walk further into the forest so that the monkey would be better contained. I loved seeing all the babies but was definitely not too keen on having them unexpectedly jump onto me trying to get food.

Later on our driver brought us to Ketut Liyer's actual home and the site where Eat Pray Love was filmed. I haven't read the book or seen the movie but it was still SO cool to see where he lived and watch him interact with someone who was getting their palm read. Now this is real shallow of me but I think my favorite part was that he had a Buffy dog :):) Made me miss my pooch so much.

Ok now onto the best part of the day! We arrived at the Elephant Safari Park just in time for lunch and it was delish! I ordered a spring roll, samosa, and stuffed tofu appetizer. My entree was some kind of meat (I still don't know what it was) with yellow rice, spicy Balinese seasoning, potato patty thing, and eggs. I donno if it was because I was hungry or my tastes buds are finally maturing but I don't think a year ago I would have enjoyed it. After lunch we FINALLY got to go get on an elephant :) Christine and I rode Jimmy while everyone else was also paired off on different elephants, the cool part was we all got to head out on the trail together as a group. Unfortunately the ride was only a half hour but absolutely amazing nonetheless! Afterwards Jimmy insisted on taking a few photos with us to remember the day :)

Later on our driver took us back to the hotel, Gina and I decided to be old farts and stay in to get some sleep while everyone else went out clubbing. Tomorrow we plan to lay out by the pool allll ddayyy and I am so looking forward to it!


p.s. I posted more pictures of todays adventures under tomorrows date

how many monkeys can you see?

cutest little nugget :)

once I gave him a banana he lost all interest in me

Lara and I on the steps leading up to one of the temples

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