White Water Rafting

by Abwicker April. 15, 2012 1374 views

This morning we woke up early and left the hotel about 8 a.m. to head north to go rafting ☺☺ I was SO EXCITED. It was about a 2 hour van ride which kind of sucked but oh well, whadda gonna do? We arrived at the beginning of the ride and were all immediately in awe of the scenery; we were completely surrounded by rice terraces–so incredibly beautiful. The river meandered its way through a tropical forest with several waterfalls cascading down around us, at one point we paddled through a sort of canyon, wedged between two cliffs both sides of which had huuugee waterfalls flowing down. While the scenery was worth the trip in itself I have to admit the actual rafting was not very thrilling, the rafting I did in Costa Rica was much more of an adrenaline rush. After we finished the 2 hour ride we were provided with a typical Indonesian lunch = SO GOOD. They had fried rice and noodles, spring rolls, samosas, and fresh fruits that were possibly some of the best I’ve ever had.

After we got home we all ordered room service for dinner and got ready for our last night out in Bali ☹ We played a couple drinking games in our room then hit the town! Our first stop was to Sky Garden for a few free drinks then we went to Alley Cat where Kaley and I had the WORST Long Island Iced Tea, better known as “Wrong Island Iced Tea.” We watched her pour 4 shots, of 4 different kinds of alcohol plus some overflow and then topped it off with a teeny bit of coke? Not the kind of long island I’m used to—it was naassstttyy, but like champs we choked it down then headed to the next bar. We ended our night at The Bounty, which is another club with about a bazillion different floors, there we met a group of guys from Canada! I didn’t realize how much I missed people who looked AND talked like Americans ☺ We ended up hanging out with them for the rest of the night, it was a lot of fun! It was a perfect end to an oh so wonderful holiday.

Tomorrow we have to check out by noon but are going to spend the day lounging at the pool until we leave for the airport at 5 p.m. I am most definitely ready to head home to Freo but I am not ready to get back in the swing of doing homework… :/ Next big thing I have to look forward to is when Chris arrives in just 38 short days!!!! ☺☺☺ I could not be more excited.


ready to take on those rapids!

you can always find me on the dance floor bustin' a move

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