Smuggling Beer & Our Night in the Fremantle Prison

by Abwicker April. 19, 2012 1406 views

Heyy everyone!

As I mentioned on Monday, Katie’s parents are here visiting for the week, it has been really nice to meet and hang out with them for a couple days after hearing so much about them!

After our night class yesterday (Tuesday) we went to a Mexican restaurant (picture 1) for tacos and a couple beers. Unfortunately we learned a few new things about restaurants in Freo. First thing—in order to get a drink you had to order food, more specifically “a substantial meal,” who knew? So the couple girls who met us later on just for a drink weren’t allowed to get one. We figured we could be sneaky and just order a second round to give to them but were later yelled at because they apparently “knew we weren’t really sharing our food with them.” Whatever, in the end we had Tom sneak out the girls’ beers for them because as he pointed out, who is really gonna stop a guy in a wheelchair? haha

Wednesday was one of the scariest nights I’ve had thus far while in Freo (Mom and Dad no worries). We toured the Fremantle Prison at night, which was reeeall sketchy… I figured it was more of a historical presentation; boy oh boy was I wrong. In the first room our guide was talking about the netting that lay over us, it stretched between corridors of cells to prevent prisoners of the top floor from jumping to their death. Suddenly we heard a scream and a very loud crash onto the net directly above where I was standing… some asshole had thrown down a dummy, not funny. Next we moved into the kitchen where our guide described, with vivid detail, their rat problem and warned us that we may just run into one. Of course as we were leaving she got us all by flashing around her light and yelling RAT. It unfortunately was not over… we moved into the exercise yard and another corridor of prison cells with nothing happening, thank God. But then we found ourselves in solidary confinement, as our guide was talking about the prisoners who often ended up here the cell directly in front of me came flying open and out jumps a “prisoner.” I literally hit the deck; ha I don’t think I have ever gotten into the fetal position more quickly in my life. He definitely got a kick out of this and proceeded to give his little spiel about 2 inches from my face. Needless to say I did not sleep very well that night. :/

More to come tomorrow!

his idea :) haha

creepy ya?

the net above our head

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