Michael’s Big Birthday Bash Weekend

by Abwicker April. 22, 2012 1356 views

Friday was the first time all of us went out together since before spring break, it felt really good to be one big group again. We all wanted to help celebrate Michael’s birthday—one thing to know about Michael is that he has Asperger’s and because it was his birthday he decided that we had to go ALL out. It was actually really cute, he was convinced that buying a keg would be the greatest thing in the world (not to mention incredibly expensive.) So he showed up at the Round House with a personal, mini keg. We pregamed there for a while, and then accidentally had a little run in with the police/security guards. As far as I know they were only checking out the noise but funny thing is, you would have thought we were all trained, when he asked how old we were we all replied in unison “twenty-onnnee.” Ha never mind that the drinking age here is eighteen. Any who, afterwards he left us alone and we made our way to Metros for the night, it was definitely the most fun I’ve had in awhile.

That next morning most of the girls left to spend the night at Rottnest Island, lucky for me I had an Immunology exam to study for so I had pleeenntty to keep me busy while they were gone. I literally spent the next 48 hours straight in the basement of the P&O studying—it was beyond brutal.

Today was Michael’s actual birthday so he wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate, which most people did, I on the other hand stayed back to study some more! I did however take a break that day to make him an ice cream cake that he kept dropping hints was his absolute favorite. When they returned from dinner for dessert and Michael caught sight of the cake he was absolutely ecstatic, it was adorable how something so insignificant could make him so happy. We all enjoyed the cake I made then I went back to studying. Praying for an easy exam tomorrow!

Until then,

I realize I am not in this picture but I had to show Michael in his kiss me it's my birthday crown. He shared with us the next day that he was disappointed because he only got “2 lip services” haha

this was me on Michael's birthday… obviously tearing up the dance floor, where else would I be?

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