flowers of the soul

by Aj Viaene April. 21, 2017 753 views

Hello hello my friends! Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming here in Kent, Ohio. Today is all about blooming--as the flowers do ;). I think we all know that flowers are beautiful (duh), but have you seen a flower at night? They like to curl up and close. *still considered a flower though, right?* Just because it isn't blooming at that moment doesn't mean that we change how we view it.

    The same goes for ourselves. I'll admit, there are definitely days that I am more reserved and *closed up* than others -- I know you guys go through the same thing & that is OKAY. It's normal to undergo stress and or sadness in daily life! It is part of the process that we go through to fully bloom. 

    Flowers wake up in the morning and bloom. I encourage you to do the same thing. Try getting more sleep at night by going to bed earlier, --I know this is a crazy thought, but put down your homework and get some rest-- make your bed a place for rest, --this means only use it for sleeping! do your homework, eat, and watch tv somewhere else. This will train your mind to recognize that when your body climbs into bed, it is time to rest-- invest in an essential oil defuser -- I got mine from amazon (i'm broke, okay?). Not only do they smell great, but they encourage your body to be at peace, naturally. 

    With more sleep comes more energy!! More energy means more motive to do things you *love* and bring you closer to your goals. Try to do 1-3 things a day (!!) that will bring you closer to your goals. Whether it be sending an e-mail, building a portfolio (yes that's you, my fellow art students), or even working out (fit goals are goals too)! Not only will the sense of accomplishment bring peace to your soul, but it will make you an overall happier individual!

    Try to bloom to your highest abilities every day, over and over again. Until next time. 

xoxo aj

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