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Finally decided to snow in North Texas. It has been raining for awhile before it started. Actually surprised that it stuck.

Back out in the woods. It warmed up outside and the sky cleared up. Went out on a trail to practice using a different camera.

I decided to take a road trip out to Oklahoma. I was looking for a scenic area that is off the Highway. On the way there I saw another sign. Lake Texoma State…

While walking a normal trail, taking pictures of the leaves changing. I decided to take picture of a leaf a by itself on a branch. It's the last leaf hanging…

Fall is here. Leaves are falling from place they once called home. While others are trying to remain. All the while, changing of colors.

I'm beginning to like the fall season. You get to see the change of color in nature. It is letting everything now that winter is coming.

I like sunflowers. I am guess the name is because of the the petals that leave from the middle. It like sun light busting from a plant.

Continuing down Happy Tree Lane. Looking around and run in to a window scene. X is marking the spot. Should I find out what it is marking?
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