Tunnels (Crank up that Summertime Organ again)

by Adam Strong May. 16, 2018 361 views


The passing of time, time, it never slows down, it's a tunnel through which we view ourselves, but if we are focused on something else, like the news, or success at writing or photography or teaching, we can lose track of how much older our children are getting, but here, down in the tunnel of Oceanside, OR on one Spring afternoon, we can tunnel our way through anywhere, place a tunnel in the middle of two points and you can go anywhere. So while we are on the cusp of another great summer, let's turn our attention to paying attention to the good times while we have them, no matter how bad the rest of the world is, let's take comfort in of long afternoons, of travel, of driving home on the last day of school, over the 205 bridge, coming into Oregon, leaving teaching for three months, to this summer, to all the other summers, let's lose ourselves in another summer, let's use tunnels to get from one place to another. If you don't like where you are, change the surroundings.

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