Under Canopies We Pedaled

by Adam Strong June. 19, 2018 447 views

My daughter and I were riding bikes down this street. She was leading, telling me all about the neighborhood in her 8 year old voice, the lisp of several teeth missing. It is summer and we are biking through these days, under canopies of trees, the sun coming through and lighting up the x rays of leaves and branches, and despite all the ugliness in the world. This week of all weeks, World Cup and detainees and separation. There is the great wide world and there is the here and now. And for now, with her speaking to me, her truth, what is important, and I look up and despite all the dark, from where I am all I see is the blinding light. Let's hope there's enough light this summer to lead us through these dark times. Hug the ones you love and fight for the ones that don't have someone.

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