10 reasons to shoot outside the boudoir

by Addictivation Fotograaf October. 07, 2018 660 views
A perfect location for a glmour and boudoir photoshoot

A perfect location for a glmour and boudoir photoshoot

Most clients start looking for a boudoir photographer on the net when they want to have sensual photos to spice up their life. For sure many inspiring boudoir images can be found all over the internet on Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, but the question do those clients really want to be copy cats? Do they just want see themselves in the same setting and pose as you have shot already dozens of customers? At least that does not work for me and let me explain you why:

1) A sensual glamour shoot is something really special: a woman won’t decide that easy to show off during a boudoir photoshoot. For sure she has fantasized already a million times about it before she enters the studio or shooting spot. So make sure that whenever she enters that spot it matches her expectations. A boudoir setting might look a safe bet, but does it really matches her fantasies?

2) No customer is the same: each and everyone of them has her own identity that is to a large extend formed by her sensuality. So look for a setting and environment that meets her fantasies and watch what happens: communication starts already long before the shoot. Essential to get in touch with her emotion, which you otherwise won’t be able to capture in the pictures you are producing.

3) Women’s fantasies are much more wild than most men think. So open up the conversation and you will get inspired by all the different angles that you never ever thought off before.

4) A photograph can tell a complete story and even the smallest details in the image contribute to that story. It is her story and hence discuss all the tiny details and props with her. You will be amazed by she will bring to the table to spice up the image and make it something special.

5) A sensual glamour shoot will for sure result in a lasting memory for the model itself. Even if she is a professional model and you are able to really tap into her needs and fantasies I am sure that she will remember you!

6) If the shoot matches her expectations and she feels at ease, she will much easier show off. Once a real and natural interaction with a model starts she will look at her best feeling relaxed, rewarded and comfortable in the setting she envisioned.

7) You want to capture her most sensual looks in a special way since only then she will feel special and if see feels special you will see it in every image that you shoot from her.

8) You want to shoot images that stand out from the rest, which becomes very hard if we all choose the same bedroom, couch, lingerie and matching visage.

9) Life starts outside your comfort zone! Although you must be prepared and experienced to ensure that even outside your comfort zone you will be able to shoot amazing images, but we all have experience enough to master the technique. It is now up to you to use those skills and make perfect shots of her in an environment where your adrenaline starts flowing. Once more communication is essential to ensure that the shoot remains a lasting and pleasurable experience, but you don’t want to let your model snooze away in the soft pillows of her bedroom.

10) You want to enjoy your work and want anticipate on that special moment where everything matches and you know at the moment that your press the shutter that you did it once more. You did shoot that one perfect image of that woman! That one image that she will love and will expose at full size in her bedroom the rest of her life! That is the moment we all work for and that is why we love our job as boudoir photographer.

I really wonder what your favourite location for a perfect photoshoot is.

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