Weekly Theme #13: The Color Red

by Ram Ya November. 01, 2016 4744 views

Last week we had a lot of fun turning PhotoBlog into a zoo with our “Animals” weekly theme. Check out the entries, there’s a lot of incredible wildlife (and kittens!)  to adore. Naturally, our community members did a great job snapping their photos, so be sure to take a look. 

Weekly Theme 12 Winners:

  1. Weekly Theme 12 by Leslie
  2. Taming The Wild by Julie
  3. Meet The Kittens by Bassman

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted. Remember, it’s not too late to look at the Weekly Theme #12 submissions and like your favorites!

Weekly Theme #13: The Color Red

Red is a color that has many meanings attached it, and those meanings can be quite opposite from one another. For example, the color red can signify love and romance or anger and danger. The diversity of the color red is part of what makes it so useful for photographers to incorporate into their compositions. Which is exactly why we’re calling on the color red to spice things up for this weekly challenge. 

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Complementary colors like red and green work together to create visual appeal. Photo by Thomas Leth-Olsen

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