Please Read: Important Upcoming PhotoBlog Updates

by Ram Ya July. 31, 2017 6407 views

Update: This update is now released. Please clear your cache if you have any issues with the editor. Please report any bugs via the forum thread.

Hello Photo Bloggers,

We have been working hard on a lot of your suggestions and we are almost ready to show them to you! We are planning to release these updated tomorrow (August 1st, 2017). Here are some of the features of this release.

  1. Post Scheduling - This has been the most requested feature since day 1. I am so happy to finally release it. As we discussed before, this feature allows spammers to abuse the site by hiding their posts from moderators. To prevent that, this will be a Pro feature.
  2. Feed Page - There are so many interactions happening in PhotoBlog but they are currently hidden inside blog posts. This is why we created a feed page to list all those interactions (comments, likes, favorites)
  3. Multi Image Slideshow - This cool new feature allows you to preview all photos (slideshow) inside a post right from the post's snippet.
  4. Multi Image Counter - You can now see how many photos are inside a post from the post's snippet.
  5. New Publishing Flow - We further simplified our editor by removing publishing fields (tags, categories, draft...etc) from the editor page. They are now located at the top of the editor page. Just click on "Publish" and you can add tags, categories, or schedule your post from there.
  6. Moving to Amazon - Memories and photos are very important to our members. That is why we are moving our site to Amazon's cloud infrastructure. It will provide the best security and backups for your photo stories.
  7. Various Improvements - Related to page speed, SEO, bugs, and user experience.

Experimenting with PhotoBlog(Pro) trial accounts:

We think far too many services focus on getting lots of members first, with little or no consideration to how they’ll keep everything running. PhotoBlog is something we’ve wanted for such a long time, and we intend for it to be around for many years. We want to make sure that we’re always able to focus on building the best tool possible instead of figuring out how to keep the lights on. We simply wouldn’t want to use a service that could disappear tomorrow or, worse, shoves ads in our faces.

Moving forward, all new sign-ups will have the chance to try PhotoBlog free of charge for 7 days. After the trial period, it will cost $19.95 per year or less than a cup of coffee per month, to publish. This experiment will not affect free users who have signed up already.

PhotoBlog(Pro) is more than just a subscription fee to us. It's about PhotoBlog users like you who support us every day. In a world where photos and stories are forgotten in few seconds, you help us preserve the important ones forever! (That's why you get that Pro badge next to your name - you're important!)

Thank you all for your feedback. It means a lot to us that you are using PhotoBlog to showcase your photos and stories to the world!

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Lisa Britton 4 years ago

Thanks for the update and all the time and work smiley

4 years ago Edited
Ram Ya Replied to Lisa Britton 4 years ago

Thank you for your support, Lisa!

4 years ago Edited
Eugene Wang 4 years ago

only new signups get to try the pro features? :-/

4 years ago Edited
Ram Ya Replied to Eugene Wang 4 years ago

Hi Eugene, No you can still get the pro features. While we run this experiment, though, new free accounts will be limited.

4 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 4 years ago

Thanks for all your efforts to make this a better place my friend

4 years ago Edited
Ram Ya Replied to Antonio Gil 4 years ago

Thank you for your support and encouraging words, Antonio! Much appreciated.

4 years ago Edited