An Early Autumn Walk Down Standish Wood Lane and Nearby Tracks and Pathways

by Adrian Morris September. 18, 2020 503 views

Standish Wood Lane is thought to have been an ancient highway. It is now a muddy track. It goes, however, through some lovely country side.

As can be seen, many people ride their horses along here!!

Part of the evidence that this was once an important route is this stone base which once held a wayside cross.

There is wheat growing in this field which borders the road. It is obviously ripe and ready for harvest.

This wheat field is being harvested.

Hawthorn berries growing by the side of the lane.

I think these are angelica seed heads.

The Martland Mill industrial estate can be seen through the hedge.

This nearby track was once the route from the centre of Standish to the medieval Standish Hall Water Corn Mill which stood in Elnup Wood. In the past Standish people were obliged to take their corn here to be milled. The mill ceased production in the late 19th century but the dam still exists. Consequently, some local people call Elnup Wood "Mill dam Wood".

Another nearby track once held a railway line which carried coal from the Giant's Hall Colliery to Crooke where it was loaded onto boats on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and transported to Liverpool.

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G B 1 year ago

looks like it was a gorgeous day for a scenic walk!

1 year ago Edited
Adrian Morris Replied to G B 1 year ago

Yes; perfect light for photography.

1 year ago Edited
Bob Chappell 1 year ago

Interesting little journey, you often find snippets of history hidden in some of these old lanes.

1 year ago Edited
Adrian Morris Replied to Bob Chappell 1 year ago

Thanks Bob.

1 year ago Edited