2018 Winter Olympics (평창)

by Alexis Burkland February. 19, 2018 1675 views

Since I currently live in Korea, I had the most amazing opportunity to see a game at the 2018 Winter Olympics! It was such an experience. I went on the 17th to see the USA play Russia (Olympic Athletes from Russia) with 3 great friends. We cheered with the loudest and were a little bummed when our team lost. Just being able to go was a dream come true. I'm at a loss for words to completely describe my time there. Have any of you ever been to the Olympics?

Our event was held a short ride away from 평창 (pyeongchang) in the even smaller town of 강릉 (Gangneung). However, as you can see from the rings outside of the station, everyone was excited! The fun characters you see are this year's mascots. The white tiger is 수호랑 (Soohorang) and the bear is 반다비 (Bandabi).

Of course inside the park was filled with sponsor displays. We couldn't help but to take some pictures with them~

Finally we made it to the arena to watch the game!



I can't believe I actually made it to the Olympics! I will for sure have another post about it up soon! I click here to see part 2! :)

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Pete Fitzgetald 3 years ago

fantastic photos, way to represent, seeing how you were in the neighborhood.

3 years ago Edited
Alexis Burkland Replied to Pete Fitzgetald 3 years ago

Thank you! We did our best to support our home country as much as possible~

3 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 3 years ago

It must have been a cool experience. I saw that game on TV smile

3 years ago Edited
Alexis Burkland Replied to Antonio Gil 3 years ago

It was absolutly wonderful! It was a bit of a rough game, and I'm sure much harder to watch at homepersevere the US took a bit of a beating that's for sure.

3 years ago Edited
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