Editing Practice

by Alexis Burkland March. 19, 2018 499 views

I haven't been posting like I would like lately. With it having been so cold here near Seoul, I haven't been doing much of anything. So I decided to take some time to practice my editing skills. I don't like disturbing the actual image too much, just adjusting the lighting and colors to make it pop. If you have any suggestions let me know down below!

The boat that took me to an from Udo Island

The statue of King SeJoeng, Outside of Gyeongbokgung palace

Looking out on Suwon from Hwaseong fortress

Dumpling stand at market near Myeongdong

Random flowers from a greenhouse in Yangpyeong. I really like how it come out looking like a painting.

Namsan tower from the street walking up.

Now that spring is finally here I plan on getting out and doing so much more! Stay tuned to see what I do next~

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