Anyang Art Park - 안양예술공원

by Alexis Burkland April. 30, 2018 1117 views

The Anyang art park is an awesome lttle treasure in my backyard! Just a short bus ride away, is a little park n the woods. There you can walk around and explore the different sculptures there. I went on a dreary/rainy day and still had a lot of fun!

To get to the park from the bus stop, you have to walk down a street filled with coffee shops and restaurants. The stream running through the middle just make it perfect.

On the trails there were many sclptures you could walk in and explore. There's a small mirror maze, a house made out of plastic carriers, a large look-out ramp, and so much more!

After climbing (walking) up, the views were great~

The perfect tube for a photoshoot!

So if you know me, you know I can't pass up a good photoshoot oportunity. Click here to see me enjoying the amazing backdrops and acting a little cheesy!

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