Vietnam - Day 3

by Alexis Burkland August. 09, 2018 628 views

If you saw my first Ha Long Bay post, you know that I spent 2 days on the Ha Long bay. We spent our time kyaking, swimming, and just having a great time.

I can't stop gushing about how beeautiful the bay is. However, something you don't see is the amount of garbage that is floating in the water. I was surprised with how much there was in the water, and that no one was doing anything about it.

Back to the trip, on our last morning we hiked up to a small cave and were able to look out over the bay. Even though being inside a cave kinda freaks me out, I also love caves. They're so beautiful and majestic to look at.

I couldn't get more pictures from the hike because it started to down pour while we were in the cave and walking back down.

Back on the boat, after drying off from getting caught in the earlier down pour, our group met back in the dining hall and learned how to make fresh springrolls. Our ship's chef was even nice enough to demonstrate how to make flower garnishes.

*Thanks again Chris for being my model*

Okay, so my last Ha Long Bay post will be of all the food we were served! Be sure to check it out :)

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Pete Fitzgetald 1 year, 4 months ago

Fantastic photos

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