The Streets of Hanoi

by Alexis Burkland September. 16, 2018 462 views

This is officially my last post from Hanoi. I wanted to take some time and share some of the photos I took just from walking around the old quarter.

Last, the hostel we stayed at. 'See you at Lily's' was a great place to stay. It was clean, spacious, and everyone was friendly. The staff was very helpful and worked as our travel company, helping us book the various activities we did. They also had a restaurant two buildings down that served a delicious breakfast for the guests. The public could also enjoy a cheap, yet delightful breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Thank you for bearing through all my posts from Vietnam! I hope you enjoyed them. I am currently getting ready for my next big trip.....I hope you're ready to see yet another counrty through my eyes~

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