Food in Beijing

by Alexis Burkland February. 09, 2019 605 views

As you know already, I love to eat. One of my favorite things to do while abroad is to book a food tour with a local guide. It allows me to try thebest cuisine of the are I'm in. While I still think the best place food wise is Hanoi, Beijing did not disappoint.

Before the actual food tour, I spend the afternoon hunting for a great tea place. Finally, we found one. It was beautiful and the little snacks they served with it were delicious.

It was a lovely afternoon tea. The place was so beautiful inside and out!

Our food tour started later in the evening, giving us plenty of tie to be hngry again. Our first stop was for a traditional style steam pot. To be honest I was too focused on the food and not really paying attention to the explinations.

These pots were filled with vegetables and I beilieve tofu. Since we had some vegiterians in our group, only one of them had beef.

On our way to the second stop, we were given a yogurt drink. It was very refreshing.

Our second stop was for sandwiches. These were special to China because not many people use donky meat to make a sandwich.

These were really good. I almost didn't have room for the next stop....

NOODLES! Every country that I have been to so far in asia has had their own special take on noodles. Beijing is no exception! These noodles were wide, thich, chewy, and best of all flavorful~

By now I was so full I could barely move. So for our last stop we got to taste 6 different kinds of alcohol that are made special — honestly I forget out of what.

After this, I was full, happy, and ready for bed.

Is there really anything better than new cities and lots of food?

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