Flowers in Paju

by Alexis Burkland October. 11, 2020 880 views

Paju is most well known for being a border town to North Korea. Anytime you take a tour of the DMZ you will be taken to the city of Paju. What most people don't know is that there is so much more to Paju than the history of the Korean war.

Located just about an hour north of Seoul, Paju is a nature lover's paradise. There are so many flowers to see year-round. This forest is part of a new botanical garden they just established. They call it a botanical garden, but really it's a forest designed to highlight different flowers, trees, and other parts of nature throughout the different seasons. It's also just a fun place to bring a lunch and relax.

Cosmos flowers are very popular to see. They are the pink-colored ones you see. The white ones that look like daisies are actually Siberian chrysanthemums.

If you stand still for a second, you realize that the flowers are filled with bees and butterflies just doing their thing.

Look how thicc with the pollen <3

And of course, a post is not complete if I don't make it in at least one picture~

Be on the lookout for more posts from Paju! (They'll come eventually!)

This one was just all about the flowers~

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#9 absolutely beautiful 😍

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