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Unlike most, 2020 was actually a pretty good year for me. I FINALLY graduated from graduate school, I started teaching at an elementary school, and......I adopted a cat.

This is Yubu. He is the sweetest boy I have ever met. He was born in 2019, adopted in November of 2020. Yubu (유부) is Korean for "fried tofu". He was named for his white and orange colors.

This sweet boy is gentle and playful. He loves to cuddle and get attention.

Of course, like most cats, he loves to play with boxes. I actually caught him in a box that he had moved inside another box.

This boy is so sweet, he has never once hurt me. Not even when I gave him a bath. He hated every second but just cried.

I think he looks a bit like baby yoda here^^

I think he looks a bit like baby yoda here^^

I am completely obsessed with this little boy <3

2020 not only brought me Yubu but another someone special as well. For Christmas, he surprised me with this beautiful cake~

2020 was a busy one for me, but I'M BACK! School and work kept me busy I wasn't able to use my camera much in the past year. These were taken with my phone (apologies if the quality is a little off). Hopefully, now I can enjoy my free time doing what I love.

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