Ganesha Chaturti

by Aditya Elayavalli September. 07, 2016 490 views

Ganesh Chaturti is one of the most popular festival of India.. 

"There is a curiously interesting tale about the birth of Ganesha. It is believed that once while Parvati was bathing, she created a human figure from some unguent and balm, gave him life and asked him to guard the door while she bathed. After a long period of meditation on Mountain Kailash (Lord Shiva’s abode), Shiva chose that very moment to drop by to see his better half, but was abruptly stopped by the man-god Parvati had posted at the door. Outraged by the cheek of this stranger, Shiva cut off his head only to discover moments later that he had killed Parvati’s son! For fear of enraging his wife, Shiva immediately dispatched his ganas (attendants) to get him the head of the first living creature they could find. Well, the first living creature happened to be an elephant. As instructed, the head was chopped off and brought back to Shiva, who placed it on Parvati’s son’s body, bringing him back to life. This elephant-headed god was welcomed into the first family of the Hindu heavens and named Ganesha or Ganapati, which literally means the chief of the ganas, or the attendants of Shiva. Ganesha is the foremost god of the Hindu pantheon. This brave guardian of the door to Parvati’s bath is beheld today as the most auspicious God of new beginnings. He is worshipped during every festival and before people undertake a journey or embark upon a new venture."

Following are some of the pictures taken from the Ganesh Pooja within my community..



Students performing classical dance called Bharathanatyam.. 

student dancing

Ganesha idols being pulled on a trolley...... these idols are being taken in a procession before being immersed in pond/lake...


Men and women dancing to some catchy tunes.... 

men dancing

men dancing

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Ram Ya 4 years, 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing these colorful photos and the story behind this Hindu God.

4 years, 10 months ago Edited