Sleepy Girl

by Age Clark August. 28, 2015 1514 views

As a mother of three I can atest to the theory that every child is different. I had my lazy, center of attention, blond haired, blue eyed, mini mom first. Second was my always on the move, can't even stop to eat red head. Last but never least my perfectly balanced between the two older, one handed wonder who won't let something like being born with one hand and forked tongue (tongue tied) stop her.

My children all fill my heart. However I have my Mama's suck, Little Red. She is my pushy, brash middle child. She is the one who suddenly is on my lap without me even noticing. She goes until she drops like a load of gravel in a pond. When she finally succumbs to the inevitable crash, she looks dead. Propped wherever she happened to be, she will sleep until she wakes a groggy mess ready to start terrorizing again with the simple addition of food and drink.

If only I could bottle some of her energy…I'd be rich (maybe then I would be able to afford that purple farm she's always bugging me about).

Little Red takes a nap

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