Happy Dashain

by Aish King October. 10, 2016 486 views

October 10, 2016.

Cow in the road

P/C: my friend Lena

This week in Nepal: Dashain! (Pronounced "dah-sai")

Dashain is one of the most important festivals in Nepal, in which people focus on spending time with their families.  For Kathmandu, Nepal's largest city, this translates to a  rapid emptying as many migrants from other parts of the country return home to their villages and families.  And by "many" I mean: Kathmandu's usual population of 3 million shrinks to 1 million during this time.

Most stores are closed, the streets nearly empty, and those few left in the city spend their days playing cards with family and friends (alternatively: wandering the streets drunk on festival cheer).  Goats are slaughtered, and it's very difficult to find a bus.  

For me the festival means: 

- No work!

- It's rather more difficult to feed myself with most of the shops and restaurants closed.

- I have to walk almost everywhere, or try to barter for a reasonable fare with one of the few taxis left running.

Fun fact: this is first time I've felt able to breathe properly in Kathmandu.

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