by Ajay Varma September. 16, 2016 750 views

Business As Usual

A visually impaired old man is selling sundry items, a mean to make his ends meet.

Every day we wake up with one thing on our mind that we have to make it through the day. We try and give our best shot each day, to make it a step towards our goal and achieve it.  We do jobs, get our pay-checks each month, we save it, we blow it and we wait for next month's pay-check. And, this cycle continues. While most are lucky to fall in to such category, there are few who struggle each day to make their living. They work day in-day out to earn few bucks; to them, there is no 9-5 timing day jobs. They work seven days a week with no or little 'leaves'; to them, there are no weekends or planning of vacations. They don't know how will it work out if they don't show up for work;  to them, there is no thinking of taking a day off casually.

But, they never fail to show us that no matter how difficult or unfortunate situations are, you have to stand tall and overcome them. They may look weak physically, but they are strong in their hearts. They make us believe - THIS TOO SHALL PASS! We see them every single day, but we fail to see their NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

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