Japan Trip - Day 2 of 5

by Alan Tan February. 02, 2008 2604 views

Japan Trip Day 2 of 5

As usual, waking up early in the morning for breakfast and the start our journey exploring more about Japan… ha ha ha… another long and tiring day?

We kick off by heading for shinkansen, bullet train… cool… fast… again amazed and electrified as we don’t have them in Malaysia… However, nothing special when we ride in it as it felt the same. We took shinkansen to Odawara station and then a bus to Lake Ashi.

It took us a while to reach Lake Ashi and there was our first sighting on SNOW… Malaysian… hahahaha… excite over simple thing… hahahaha everyone starts taking pictures with the snow… while local Japanese looking at us smiling… We took our lunch here and spend some time sightseeing. The cooling, clean, soothing, beautiful surrounding of Lake Ashi make us miss Japan a lot.

Then we travel to Owakudani Natural Hot Spring, another great place for sightseeing. However, sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced on a walk around the area. Eggs (Black in colour), boiled in the naturally hot waters, are said to prolong one's life by seven years and are readily available for sale.

From there, we travel to Gotemba for a little shopping before dinner and then back tired….

Day 3 – To be continue…

Main entrance of Le Meridian where our bus parked and waited patiently for us to kick start Japan Trip Day 2…

Can anyone tell me what is written on the blue con?

First stop, Shinkansen (Bullet Train). Why are we here? I guess Japan is famous for their bullet train. Fastest train in the world!? It may be just another means of transportation for Japanese but to us, it is like a roller coaster!!! Malaysian… ha ha ha

Tickets to roller coaster? nope.. shinkansen…

Helpful shinkansen attendant ever ready for help…

Hey… what are you looking at??? watch your steps…

Shinkansen arriving…

WOW… never thought shinkansen could be this futuristic and beautiful… op top of that, it looks super duper clean…

a peak outside shinkansen through the tiny window… not that fast after all as we don't feel the speed inside the train…

reached Odawara station around 10.35 in the morning

hey.. that is Levi's Jeans

Stupid act at Odawara station… while waiting for our bus to fetch us..

another stupid act…

Odawara station

Due to space constrain, their petrol host were hung from the ceiling.

First sight of SNOW… Hooray… I have to confess that it was the first time for me touching snow…

Lunch at Lake Ashi…

Everyone was hungry and getting ready for lunch…. sorry for taking a short time of everyone for this shot..

A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words… aren't they.

Group photo at Lake Ashi… Thanks to SCB and Lay Kean for the Trip

Second destination… Owakudani Natural Hot Spring near Hakone. Another great place for sightseeing. smell bad though.. sulfurous fumes

yeah… we finally though the ground of Owakudani

Another picture that says more than a thousand words.

Cute tiny snow man… or rather snow kid? snow baby? ha ha ha ha

James Bond?

Hey look!!… Geok Keng finally managed to purchase a box of cigarette from the wending machine.

the egg that prolong one's lifespan for 7 years….

3rd destination… GOTEMBA… a shopping heaven for everyone as they sell most of the off season clothing at a discounted price. I bought myself a pair of Adidas sneakers here…

and finally dine here at this restaurant. … simple but nice and delicious meal..

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Alan Tan 9 years, 3 months ago

thanks for the translation... more to come

9 years, 3 months ago Edited
Tantatantan 9 years, 3 months ago

nice series of your trip. it looks you had fun there :) by the way, the Japanese in the first picture means "only for reservation". haha :)))

9 years, 3 months ago Edited
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