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I am in the travel business for close to 30 years. It is an amazing world that leaves one speechless and awe to the powerful display of God's imaginative world. This blog is to fill our minds with the sights and sound of what we take so much for granted. The people, the food, the places, the friendships, the fashion, the culture, the heritage and the ideas to make our life worth living. It's only one life we have. Let us live it to full. Yes we all have problems and worries. Who doesn't? But let us take one step back and look at the brighter picture. We have a world of more than 6 billion people living in one planet. It is enough for everyone if we share it around. Go see places, explore their heritage and history, sample some delightful cuisines and enjoy our unique differences. We have so much to offer one another. Enjoy and God bless everyone.


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