Monday BBQ at the Park

by Meredith Barrett October. 06, 2008 1150 views

Sushi sandwiches! Yum.

See… Aya thinks its OIESSHHHHEEEE!

Yay sushi sandwich!

MMm Hmmm…

So we BBQ'ed in the park next to the train tracks. Lots of cute kids for me to take pictures of.

I'm the creepy white woman with the camera.

Shiny red jintensha.

Still way cuter than white kids, don't you think?

She's way cuter than everyone. And her potato salad is killer.

There was a 20 minute argument between Aya, Rhodes and Matt about how much charcoal is required to maximize heat and time. I guess Matt won cuz he looks like he's in charge here.

Pretty sky.

Fast train.

Future Michael Jordans?

I am scary looking. Aya has a pig on her shirt.

Aya said she made the clouds look that way. She's super talented so I believe her.


I couldn't help it. I took a lot more pictures of the sky but just posted a couple. It was a perfect afternoon.

Mmmm… smooth pork. That's what she said…?

Preparing for Halloween?

Dear Verve Wine Bar: PLEASE send us decent wine. This is atrocious!

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