Cindy! Beppu Day 2

by Meredith Barrett May. 05, 2009 3477 views

Okay.. don't look them in the eyes. And don't feed them? Does that rule apply to me?

Close and scary. With frightening eyes.

This one could have leapt onto my face if it wanted to.

Yeah, sing it sister!

Yeah.. Cindy's a little scared. And she has every right to be.

There are monkeys EVERYWHERE.. and people EVERYWHERE too. Both of which are incredibly overwhelming..

Um… yikes?


That little baby kept making faces at Cindy.

Look at the baby face in this one!

Okay… this one is pretty cute.

No comment necessary…

I really wanted to sit down next to her but the staff guy had his eye one me.

Okay.. so there I am on the bench trying to look comfortable and at ease with monkeys all around. Soon after this picture was taken, I felt a tug at my back and realized a monkey was digging through my backpack.

The bugger got a hold of a pack of hi-chu (a delicious fruit candy similar to starburst but better.. this was dragonfruit flavor) and he devoured it, foil, paper and all!

I like this picture because you can see Cindy in the corner… and… okay, I'm super immature.

A monkey among monkeys..

YOU put the goat down!

The steaming hells of Beppu, seen from Oita.

Beppu is only 49 miles from USA!

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