Never Again ...

by Aleshia Fiolleau April. 04, 2017 1071 views

So, last Monday I was contacted by a friend who wanted me to watch their pup for a week while they were away.... Initially I wanted to say No, due to the fact I have a very busy schedule during the week and I didn't think i'd have the time to dedicate to this furry little creature..... But after asking me several times I felt bad and finally caved... I agreed to watch him and their home..... 

Cute right?!?! Wrong! hahaha 

Two ruined rugs later, patchy sleep and seven days of constantly worrying about what he's up to if he's too quiet.. The "terrible two's" slogan doesn't just apply to children... But he does photograph well, i'll give him that.

He finally goes home today!

Bon Voyage little fur ball...

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