Fardeau En haut de la colline...The Burden up the Hill

by Alexandra Pechabadens January. 02, 2017 1105 views

This was the only way (see previous day's blog) to exorcise or at least attempt to exorcise. Carrying a stone, imbued with  negative feelings [...], up to the top of a steep hill in a rubbish bag, till it all becomes too heavy to carry, and drop it back onto the Earth. (keeping the rubbish bag of course and not leaving it laying around for animals to choke on) 

A Swedish fire

 It was a beautiful day, and the chosen wood was quite cluttered with low and medium height brambles among the beautiful young ish oak trees..

A few things were noticed whilst carrying the burden up a hill:

1) It is easy to trip over and it happened several times, due to the heavy, Emotional burden's unbalancing weight

2) The Stone, whilst carried was changed side, and by doing so accidently landed too heavily on one's back, hurting the spine and muscles as if being hit. CONCLUSION:
Emotional Burdens, as well as being encumbering and bothersome, are physically DANGEROUS

3) The physical/emotional Burden's presence made it harder to be within the Moment of the Now. As it made itself present every instant, it was harder to look around at the Beauty of Nature, Trees, and to feel connected.

4) When extraordinary Beauty was found, in the form of several gigantuous amazing Wood Mushrooms growing on a dead, fallen Birch Tree, and one wanted to stop for an instant to ADMIRE and link in with that Beauty of this creature, half-way between Animal and Plant, the Burden certainly got in the way, swishing here and there, not knowing where to be and hanging dangerously over the Beauty, shouting "I am here, I am there, can't you stop what you are doing and think about me instead NOW!! ". So it was very hard to tune into close beauty.

5) In fact, going up a hill full of brambles with such a heavy 2kg burden got very soon very very boring, as the ground was slippery, the brambles in the way, one arm was unable to help with balance  and it then became obvious that the whole aim of this was to get on top of the hill, as fast as one could, get there and leave that stone and burden so one could then enjoy life. It was as if the vision was narrowed and focused only on the Aim, the End result, and the journey had no charm, only penance and negative thoughts and feelings. This is I think what a lot of people have in their lives - they think of what they want and become narrower, forgetting that there is a journey to enjoy as well as that aim that they possibly don't truly want.
 There was NO connection at all in that state, to any beauty or Divine presence or Life, Nature, Earth presence. None. Only Ego. Ego, and narrowness. 

The top of the hill was reached... The stone left where it should be. Connection was then found among a very odd clearing. Hundreds of mirrors.
It was worth carrying this burden just to experience this. But i will think twice now when I am having negative thoughts[...]... and will remember the walk up the hill, and how much of life is lost and reduced when some powerful negative emotion is feeding the person and taking the room of joys,happiness and connection should normally fill.

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