Baby words

by Alexandra Pechabadens November. 14, 2017 543 views

i will try to be as brief as the tablette will let me... it came to me today as to why i get so intolerant and irritated with people, particularly in the Uk as it is done a lot, who use baby words instead of true words. The word that came up today was ‘yummy’ and irritated the hell out of me and was still in my head half an hour later, and then i had to ask myself ‘what has that word done to me that I cannot stand it?’

it is obvious. As a kid, i must have brought a word back from the toddler age that someone older decided was not suitable for me to use as i was growing up and should speak like an adult, so they told me off for it, possibly repetidly, and I grew up with a small resentment for those words i was not allowed to use, hence today getting very irritated when adults used those ‘very silly’ and uneducated words!

Simple jealousy.

Ha. Nailed it.

Now i can have fun and look for lots of silly baby french words to use...with no judgment!

ps sorry for misspells, the predictive is off...

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