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by Alexandra Pechabadens March. 06, 2019 427 views


I am so new to Wordpress, please forgive me (I mean that) for I have not read any of your about page: I do not know what sort of organisation you are. Do you charge for using your software? Should I be paying to be on those forums? How do you make a living?

My website makers use Wordpress as the template they build my business website on. They do a great job, however they cost me a lot of money if I ask them to fix something, so it is not always wonderful. If I could understand it I would do it myself; however, I rarely take time to learn how to get onto my website and make changes. The next time I go on after having at last understood how to do something, I have forgotten what the previous answer was and it was written on some paper I now can't find, and I am back at zero, feeling extremely frustrated at what I cannot afford to take time to understand and vice-versa. You must know what I mean, the so busy modern life pulling you here and there...

The dashboard admin page of my website always seem to display warnings at the top of the page, every time. Like: "Wordpress has upgraded to something rather..." or "Would you like a free update-template to the new Wordpress something rather... ""A new modern publishing experience is coming soon" (Oh no, what am I going to do then? Please, Stop Changing!!!) and at the moment, a warning of :

"Jigoshop 1.x will no longer be supported from the end of March 2017. We strongly recommend upgrading to Jigoshop eCommerce which is a completely brand new product. You can check your plugins' compatibility with Jigoshop eCommerce here. The migration guide can be found here.

Please note, that we strongly recommend to create a full-site backup before migrating."

Now, when I read that, I panic. Migrating? Full-site backup? How? Why? Just for one page of the website ? Plugging-ins compatability, never mind that, What's a pluggings? Have I got many of those on my website? Are they like wardrobes in a room? Is a pluggings like a wardrobe containing one "gadget" sort of whatever on a page??

I get so overwhelmed whenever I log on, I start dreading it way before doing it, avoiding it as often as I can, and the end result: a "bed hair" look website... Just like with the dentist.

Once, fed up with that continuous overwhelming mind-rut, I took the courage to do what I avoided and dreaded doing: to speak with my web builder who would no doubt shower me with unintenligeable (I can't even spell it) jargon of website vocabulary and odd letters stuck together with '1's or #2's or $39ddf;'s.

Where are all those technophile people whom I haven't as friends yet?

So, I did ring her. Unfortunately ...The bad news was it would cost me quite a lot if I wanted her to do the upgrade. I didn't understand the rest of what she said. All jargon and a very speedy tone of voice. Perhaps I just fainted under the pressure and awoke with the phone in my hand.

However, I do not know what the warning of the Jigashop mean. And, since it is about money, it better be dealt with first.

Does it mean that the "shop" I am using at the moment will become dysfunct anytime soon? That the page will just go blank? Or just that if a problem happen, (like "hacker into the website, in which case it may all disappear with the bank account's maiden name"), this shop page will carry on functioning and let me post new products on it till I manage to understand how and why do I need to move on from it?

What am I to do? Is there anything to do? Should I be understanding something?

The warning is obviously quite old, and the shop still seems to work, though I find it very fiddly and not very user-friendly at all. In fact it frustrates me no end. Some drop down pages have no indication of where they are hidden to, you have to guess and put your mouse next to some other unrelated letter to find the entrance. THings like the stock availability has to be done on 2 different pages and both seem to say different numbers but then you have to find one of those two pages to be able to get to how to put a "cart-able" third number which has nothing to do with the stock (???) somewhere off those pages by the side of the product.... I really really can't work the logic of it. It is my lack of skill, it must be. Maybe I must become very rich and employ someone very very clever to do all this for me. In the meantime... (she said, looking at her welllies in a pond of mud)

I came here.

Thank you for your kind help, and patience, please if you reply can you do it in ways that a person with hardly existent knowledge of website building could understand. I use to use Macromedia a lot,(when I say that people say "baaaaah" and turn their nose down) and I could understand that as it didn't change (or I ignored the changes - but I didn't have a shop then so it didn't matter if it buggered up) yet with Wordpress, it seems the universe is infinite and I could make it my career and passion if only I wasn't too busy wiping my hands off chocolate.

If only!!!!


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Alexandra Pechabadens 1 year, 11 months ago

Two months ago. Nothing has been done about it, yet. I thought I would have time after Easter. That has not happened yet! Woopiiiii

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