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Be kind to your own,
Let go, give space.
Remember the hard wired machines
that calls you "I" and calls me "JE"
Those silences that heal
The space between them
Without words
Souls understand
Wires take over.

It is such a shame I cannot trust words,
they sound so beautiful,
Like those cliches
we endlessly talk about
The hills
They are no cliche to you
They are pure beauty.
Does it matter if beauty cannot be shared
With those like me?
I call it cliche, one day I will call it beauty
Cynical armoured wires,
Aren't they here to suffer.(egos)

Words enchant me
Didn't they always do
In the secret book of the child
They got written, and at that age
7 I was already watching myself
Thinking I felt like a bad person
for writing down something child like
when we cannot protect ourselves
other than with a written word
in a locked book.
Watching the soul
coming here again
Lost in that life
Other words got written,
Some were trying to be poetic...
I didn't take the space
To be a child.
Then. .. Now:
Give me what I always wanted
Nurture and love
Kindness, comprehension
Patience, understanding
Respect.... Space.
Not...passive-agressive space!
Real, beautiful space
Given as to a queen
Space, as a mark of


Dear dear words,
BoreD me to death
Cluttered the universe with Yous which do not reach
for they came from the hard wired and
soul trying to come in
Through the tight mesh of
The thinking mind.
Hardly enough
to get anywhere,
Not even here.
They have all departed (at) shore.
Words, don't drown,
get back to me.

My mind is out of breath
Words, words,
Why are you so beautiful
You run like cluttered ponds
in bright forests
Your letters looking like a table
of wired-eyes seeking for the lie
the truth, the messenger, the mensonges,
the songes
and any problematic answer needed, "It"
may help you with, for It knows best.
Of course.
My little little friend, please leave me alone
You have had your time, let it go now
Look: I am nothing to you...
Like you are nothing to me.
You are not, I am not,
you and
We shook hands,
Now we part.
Good luck for all,
and if you get bored,
why not learn German or better,
teach yourself maths
so you can be useful at last.

or else,

leave me alone.

Thank you.

PS I have to find who I am, as if It leaves, I will have no identity. It has taken 40 years to build!!! Who the hell would I be if I had no ego???

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Alexandra Pechabaden 8 months, 2 weeks ago

PPS: Please close the door behind you

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Alexandra Pechabaden 8 months, 2 weeks ago


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