Speaking very quickly

by Alexandra Pechabadens July. 29, 2019 250 views

Speaking very quickly should be discouraged.
Someone speaking quickly looses out.

1) If he rushes his speech out in a nervous and compressed manner in the fear that the other will not leave him enough time to expand, hence why they have to say what they say really really fast, then sigh as it was laid, whilst with disbelief waiting for the other one to leave a tiny gap so they can react to about 3 things they wanted to react to in the other person's speech

2) If he rushes his speech in the above manner, it will not encourage others to respect nor give him space. He obviously doesn't believe in what he is saying, he has not got the courage nor the capacity to expand on it slowly with articulated words; therefore why should "we" respect that person? Hear with respect, what they have to say, hoping they will be present enough not to monopolise the conversation and hear their both voices equally?

2.5) If he rushes his speech, he has less time to say the same words, hence he looses out in conscious, present expression, of watching the person he is, talk. By speaking slowly, he can See who he is.

3) If she speaks fast, forcefully, doing the audience reaction as well as carrying on the inner dialogue ( like doing laughters to show she made a joke then carries on speaking, not waiting for the audience to react to their joke/laughter) she leaves very little room to the rushy-nervous of the previous paragraphs, and they listen with intense frustration at having very little room to express themselves in.
She looses out in hearing other people's stories and is stuck in hers.

4) If she speaks fast and loud, I don't know what she thinks as I have never spoken to her yet.

Speaking quickly and abundantly is lovely with someone who has no rush to be heard.

It should be discouraged. Really. Let's leave spaces when we speak and listen to others, when we communicate.

Leave some gaps, so you can hear yourself in the other person. She is you and you are her .

J, I couldn't help but chat a bit about that. It was tasty.

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Alexandra Pechabadens 1 year, 8 months ago

Something for me to work on, then. Speaking...SLOWLY

1 year, 8 months ago Edited
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