O mon Canard frit cheri, que j'aime...!

by Alexandra Pechabadens December. 25, 2020 65 views

A Day not like the others

Va chercher dans le passe pour savoir ces sentiments

D'amour de l'autre

D'amour de moi, de toi


Et des pattes.

It was a day not ordinary
Beautiful, balanced, healthy

Gratitude took me by surprise
l was scared, l wanted to

thank you

l am scared of expressing love

difficult... to talk about it
For it used to lead to sex
and l got confused inside.

It will come

What we aren't fed, we cannot feed ourselves
We cannot feed others
innocently, kindly.
We don't know about it.

Love, We discard, even, as mushy.
l have done it. l still do. "Love? Bah!
Fuck it! It only brings hurt."

Had l understood what l know now
When l was 22
l would have held her
Listened to her
Stopped her working
and said "Please mother, spend 10 minutes with me
Talk to me
l will listen
With love
and space. "

Had l known what l do now, when l was 32
l would have held his hand
and said "Pere, thank you
For all the kindness you
Shared with me;
For all the joy and games
For being a fun father at times,
Thank you for being who you are"
and l would have held him
He would have felt awkward
l would have held him

Can l do it with those alive? No. l fear. l dread. It isn't done. They will mock. Mushy! Mushy! Get away with your love! You stiffle me!

Time is short, you are so lucky to have
Don't regret
Going into the future
Forgetting the present
Those beautiful souls
around you
Who love you, and cannot show you...

We can feed ourselves love
l know it isn't scientific enough
for you
Be love
For all
if you can

They love you

As to me, l have
Gratitude for today
For all the love l felt
All the acceptance l got
and all the chocolate advice too
even if l didn't understand it!
Nor wanted it...at that very time.
l just wanted to enjoy this day, the now...
being with fun people
l felt so grateful for
and so much love.

Gratitude for all this delicious
Lovingly made food
Even if it got nit-picked apart
All that was wrong with it, or could be improved
~Why so HARD?!~
Let's see what you are capable of
Show me, show us,
l may watch you
nit-pick yourself
As you apologise
For your cooking love
Lacking of...
"good enough".

Why the constant taking apart?
Is that your way of showing love?
Or can we just...practice..to be?

l cannot help but



l see..regret in the future
Live the moment


Don't waste your time

Adoring Science
and facts

They change

The moment
Is precious
The moment is now
Only now
Like our love
Which grows
With time.

l would like a hug
(only when l want one)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
For having as much integrity and love
For questioning yourself
Realising you love through those legs
But also,
The human behind
Who feeds you..Your blood

It is hard to be grateful l know
l was master in ingratitude
l felt unwanted (that's why)
Useless, pointless
l didn't know why l was alive

Among humans l couldn't love
till now

and my indifference shows
a lack of balance


Je vous aime, France, vraiment

Soyez l'amour, vivez l'amour

Merci pour tout.

Je vous aime.

De loin.
C'est plus facile.

De pres...vous me faites bouillir...
Ma bouche est motus
rictus du sourire forcee

De ne pas vouloir

Etre parmi vous
Pour le moment.

Toi, je t'aime.
Jamais je te le montrerai.


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