Here is some of my anime drawings!

by Alexandra Ewing July. 27, 2012 35867 views

I like to look at pictures and re draw them and some of these are my own work. I love drawing anime. The third drawing is originally my character.

Drawing 1) Mizore Shirayuki from “Rosario + Vampire.”

Drawing 2) Jenny Wakerman from “My Life as a teenage robot.”

Drawing 3) This is an original drawing by me. Still deciding on what her name is going to be. But isn't she adorable?!

Thank you for viewing this and please let me know what you think of my drawings! I would really appreciate it. Criticism is also fine. Thanks.

Mizore Shirayuki from the anime “Rosario + Vampire”

Jenny Wakerman from “My life as a teenage robot”

This is my original drawing. Still trying to determine a name for her. I think she is so adorable. I am working on making my own anime.

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