It was a good journey

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I used to shoot with a photo buddy. It was very fun to have a company whose interests matched so closely to mine, to look for birds and stars, to wait for sunrise and sunset. Sometimes my gaze just lingered slightly longer at some random things such as a small alley, the next moment he would be saying something like, "that's so pretty, let's go over!" My camera would often went tak-tak-tak-tak-tak (5 exposures, bracketing), and beside me, another camera would go tak x 7 times. It sounded like music to my ears.

Below is a letter I posted on my previous blog shortly after we came back from a trip. I am transferring it over now for memory sake.


Dear Photo Buddy, 

That night, we just came back from Victoria, Canada. It was near midnight after dinner, although the sun has only just set. I would really like to visit this park that is outside the city area to shoot this view but visiting an unfamiliar area in the middle of the night did not sound like something wise to do. We were not sure of how to get there, we did not know what kind of park it is and we had an morning flight to catch a few hours later. 

I thought I caught a moment of hesitation in your eyes at the dinner table, but it was gone as soon as I saw it. I thought I have seen wrongly because I seldom see you unsure of anything actually. You checked with the waitress and waiter in the bar about that park but both of them did not know much about that area. In the end, you paid for the bill, halt a cab and after a not very memorable car ride (other than the part where the driver kept swearing at something every 2-3s), we arrived at the park.

 It was only a few weeks after we were back, on a peaceful morning, then you told me that you were actually not quite sure of what to do that night too. But you decided to take the chance and you were glad that both of us enjoyed the scenery and shooting in the end. 

Yes, I enjoyed it. Thank you very much. 

And thank you for teaching me how to use perspective, compression, light painting and black card etc for photography. Thank you for reminding me to get a CPL filter before we went to Jiu Zhai Valley. It burned a hole in my pocket but it's my favourite filter now. And I have burned many holes in my pocket after knowing you. I think you are solely responsible for poisoning me with expensive lens but I am so happy that I can shoot so many things that could not be accomplished previously.

Lastly, thank you for sharing this photography journey with me, we have been to so many places that wouldn't be possible without you. I hope you had enjoyed this journey too, i.e. our portrait, birding, star-gazing and travelling adventures.

Yours sincerely,

Your Photo Buddy / Stars & Birds spotter / Tour Guide

(June 2013)

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