Colors of Mars

by Alina Shalukhina January. 06, 2019 407 views

Brightness. I was blinded, it seemed to me that I could perceive the light regarded as a wave and a particle. In that madness, I was sincere enough to deny and to accept science at the same time... It was the first time in my life I have preferred the Sun to the Wind. The Sun, the Sound, the Sea. The water was dry, sparkling small thousand times at every moment, falling to million pieces...

I could not believe in that sunny day on the surface of the Planet. The night before that day I saw swirling snow, dying under street lamps. And some hours after it was already me who was melting slowly in the fire...

Water. Mighty, sudden, live!

But everything is tending to fall into place and settle down for evermore.

L i f e !

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Antonio Gil 2 years ago

Beautiful my dear friend. Love this post

2 years ago Edited
Alina Shalukhina Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago

Thank you! :)

2 years ago Edited