5'nizza that fell on Monday

by Alina Shalukhina April. 02, 2019 317 views

Here is a play of words, in a way. If you read the number '5' in Russian and add 'nizza' right after that, it turns out to sound the same as the word that means 'Friday'. So, in this sense, Friday fell on Monday whereas this is Monday today. Meanwhile, 5'nizza is a music group having become an outstanding and very personal issue for newly-minded heads back at the beginning of Double Zeros.

They sing in Odessa today: years after their emergence and in the fifth spring of the band's reunion. Charming, discrete, apparently cheer, though looking deeply into the confusion of human souls. Their beat is reckless and resonating, their lyrics haven't lost the acuity and gradually sink in as you listen to them again and again. They are here, and they are not – that's the most fascinating thing about 5'nizza. On top of which, you seem to be losing yourself and forgetting who you are, at least, doubting a dweller of what you are. Are there any countries and borders? Is there multiple perception of life or only the moment lasting? Is there time, after all? Overwhelmed by these questions, a person could easily plummet under the ground if it wasn't a cobbled street, actually. But no, these matters are no object for you when you are shackled by the sound, captured and sentenced to distinguish the beat of your own heart vibrating in response to the unfathomable mixture of reggae and genuine poetry.

Beyond that, the atmosphere means a lot, and we can arrange another play of senses based on the pair 'atmosphere' - 'open air', which is both true for the performance being described. Just... the point is that standing there, gazing at the stage enchantedly, you can't get rid of the idea that right above the top of your head the outer space begins. Right at the tip of your higher hair sticking out like an antenna, you know. And the musicians are somewhere higher. They are not a part of that shady space with stars and satellites, nor are they touching the same ground with those who try to learn wisdom from them. They are in between, within the non-existing common edge of the human and the universal. And this, in my opinion (no, frankly speaking, in my timid guess), makes their songs sound like people's dreams, uncertainness, and hope turned into music.

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