by Alina Shalukhina April. 10, 2019 300 views

I love this photograph. On the surface, it seems so inconsequential though full of its own charm – as almost every peaceful landscape does. But it is exactly this soothing riverine glittering which can get intricate and even portentous in a flash. The beauty of a riverbank, brightened by canon "rays of hope" breaking cloud's thickness, is mischievous and, apparently, serving to a fickle fate. There is legible faith in good fortune, the same as in a life in which one was capable of conquering commonplaces. The tangible trees, hidden roofs, and slight ripple are overlapped by pictorial happiness. I wonder how chiaroscuro, generally supposed to bring the sense of veracity, makes things surreal. Well, at least, for me, holding so much compassion towards those places that I have been expulsed from. This picture turned out to be momentous in perspective, and I treasure it rarely as almost the last genuine photograph taken at home. It encompasses peace, calmness, and compulsion to live at the moment when no mastermind could predict what was going to happen, which direction an arrow on a compass was about to choose. The latter is, with no doubt, a sheer lie. That arrow always points north, but my "migration" headed south-west...

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