by Alina Shalukhina April. 24, 2019 277 views

Sometimes I seem to experience a huge cultural shock just opening my eyes in the middle of a city street. The diversity I quickly notice is striking, unparalleled, and slightly getting on my nerves. There appears an urgent need to unite all these old flamboyant buildings of the faded charm and still partly cobbled streets with the plentiful cars parked here and there and semi-vandalistic graffiti. But this is easy to put into words and rather tough to do. For example, an instinctive intention to remove some elements of a real living picture while taking photographs of city landscapes keeps to exist and influence my mind. "If only I could fly and levitate at the level of the second floor and film all these fabulous facades with no vehicles obstructing them", I regret sometimes. It would make it possible to catch varying reflections in evening windows and, which is the most miraculous, the dense sunlight slanting through the window glasses. And such a wish is quite curious as soon as I have never witnessed the surroundings as pure as I dream about them to be. So where do we get the tendency to idealize things and, what is more, consider derived layers of reality exemplary and desirable? Whereas since these representations are artificial, they fail to match the cannons of what is valuable...

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